Monday, August 13, 2007

The Basics of a Fresh Face!

Beauty is... without being cliche... what lies inside us all. Afterall, we are all drawn to a person with a great personality which, combined with confidence makes the person glow. However, first impressions do matter and having a fresh, clean look shows that the person takes care of themselves. In the morning, I usually have less than five minutes to make my face look presentable. I am a big believer in prevention-as it relates to health and beauty-, as opposed to treatment, because in the long run it saves time, money, and pain. Taking care of our skin, especially on the face, by using the right cleansers and creams is important, and -trust me- it saves a lot of time in the morning because you can pretty much wash your face and go without having to spend time covering up the imperfections you could have prevented. With that being said, here are the top five things you need to get ready, in record time, and walk out the door with a glowing, clean, and inviting face.


1. Cleanser, Scrub, Toner, Moisturizer
I know this is more than one thing, but they all kind of go together in my opinion and use the combination that or things that work for you. I have heard that the proactive line is great, and I personally use the apricot scrub (I've heard Neutrogena is good as well) and the Oil of Olay moisturizer everyday. No matter what... and I know you've heard this before, use SPF of at least 15. I recommend the Oil of Olay line, I use the lotion in warmer weather and use the cream, since it is richer, in the winter or colder months. Some recommend a tinted moisturizer, although I have yet to try one. Even if I don't time to do anything else, I always put on my moisturizer!!

2. Concealer, Foundation
Ok, so if you already have pretty clear skin, then you can swipe on some concealer under the eyes, around the nose, and dot on any other imperfections and then be on your way out. However, if you want to look the best, then brush on some mineral or powder foundation as well. I personally only dot a stick concealer on any blemishes and then head out. I actually don't own any foundation although do want to try the three mineral foundations below and see how they look on my skin.

3. Blush, HighlighterPeople tend to skip this step, but if you want glowing and healthy look skin you need to put on some blush or highlighter. It literally takes two seconds and you can use these products above the eyes or any other place you want to highlight. I have tried all three of the things below and they are all great!

4. Mascara, Eyeliner, Eyeshadows
Ok, mascara is essential!! Period!! Everyone wants to bring attention to their eyes and eyes are the window to the soul!! Mascara has the ability to give you that wide awake and bright eyed look that is subtle yet has a dramatic effect. I love the Unstoppable mascara in black--it truly does not smudge and goes on like waterproof although it is easy to take off--, and I haven't tried the Loreal one, although I have heard it is good. Definitely have an everyday mascara, and be suprised at the difference it can make. Eyeliner and eyeshadows are great although they are usually not in my everyday look and only come out for special occasions. I have just a regular black khol eyeliner and want to try the Smashbox Eyeliners that are pictured. As far as eyeshadows go, I don't have a favorite color or brand. It's nice to have a varity of colors and textures-shimmery or matte--so it can go with your mood and occassion.

5. Lip Balm, Lip Gloss
Lip Balm is definitely another essential!! Why have the rest of your face look great and then your lips be all chapped and dry??? Doesn't make sense does it!! I am still kind of young.. at least I like to think that... so I am not into lipsticks yet and I already have a natural color on my lips. What I do absolutely love and constantly rave about is my Burt's Bees beeswax lip balm. If you have not tried, I definitely urge to to do so!! It is super moisturizing and has a tingly, minty, effect on the lips. I also love the the CO Bigelow lipgloss because they come give a sheer, shiny hint of color and peppermint freshness. I haven't tried the lip shimmer from Burt's Bees, but can only speculate that they will be just as great!!

Hope you enjoyed my list!! On average, my every day fresh face takes under five minutes to do. Usually my fresh face consists of me taking these steps:
1. Washing my face with the cleanser
2. Putting on moisturizer with SPF
3. Sweeping on one or two coats of mascara
4. Adding a subtle highlighting blush on my cheeks
5. Running out the door as I swipe on my lip balm


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